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What is CGI and why it’s not just for Hollywood

We often hear the term ‘CGI’, and everyone assumes it’s something to do with action movies or the latest TV blockbuster. Have you ever really wondered what it was and been interested to hear more about it?

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Images. Whilst the definition of what CGI is can vary, in its simplest form, it’s the creation of artwork using specialist computer software.

CGI is best known for its use in film and television production, but its usefulness is much more than that. The artform can be used to create still images and animations of, well, anything! Outside of the media the most common use of CG is in the development and architectural industries. However, in reality the skills can be applied in the promotion, advertising and training for most industries, whether that be engineering, marketing, product development, food, teaching…The list is endless if you are open to the use of something new.

When Can it be used?

Computer Generated Images can do things that simply can’t be achieved in reality. For example, how do you show a client the inner workings of a complicated machine in real life, without damaging or destroying the very thing you’re trying to present? How do you show a new development or product to sell off plan before it’s even started? Simple answer is that generally you can’t. However, with some clever and creative thinking, and the use of CG you can create a detailed and accurate model of the machinery, and animate its internal workings to showcase its benefits to your clients.

CG can be used to help someone understand how to build that piece of flat pack furniture in an easy how-to guide, it can show a builder how to install those fancy taps, a new boiler, a new kitchen in easy to follow real-time steps. It can help a client to visualise that latest interior design trend in their home, how the new development next door might affect their light, and can help to bring your story to life. Within reason CGI can be used to show anyone, almost anything.

So the next time you’re planning a product launch or selling your services, think about how CGI can help you to tell your story. If you’re keen to find out more, or just fancy popping in for a brew and a chat to see it all in action, then drop us an email or give us a call. Otherwise, give us a follow on our Instagram feed or LinkedIn to keep up to date with our latest projects.