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We set up Visual Motif in 2011 with the simple purpose of creating great digital still images and animation.

Business Centre, Carlile Institute Entrance
Office Space and Building

Whilst we can offer a complete service from modelling through to delivery of final image, our passion and creativity is in shot lighting, composition and post production.

“We find that our keen eye for detail ensures we can create bespoke high end digital imagery and animation regardless of the product or development”.

Since our inception we have honed our craft and have had the pleasure of working on a vast array of projects for many prestigious global clients, some of which can be seen in our portfolio and showreel.

Communal Space

Outside of work the team share a love of great design whether that be architecture, interior design, typefaces, sculpture, landscape, classic cars, a great product and just about anything which catches the eye! All of these things inspire our creativity and you may notice some of these influences in a few of our projects!

Melbourne Graffiti Street Art